069 Star Wars Edge of the Empire Part 1

Part one of two where we discuss Star Wars Edge of the Empire roleplaying game published by Fantasy Flight Games. We talk about the dice, dice pool and the narrative component of the rpg system. We also touch on the force die, light and dark side points and how those are used within the game. Episode 70 will flesh out characters a bit and what we like about the game.

In Announcements we mention Gaming and BS’s plans for 2016, which includes new website, publishing our listener survey results, getting you more involved with the show and implementing a 3+ month show schedule!

Random Encounter

Comment from Disemvowel, Tony Baker comments in our G+ community. Listener feedback on episode 68 Ending the Campaign.

Die Roll



  • Fantasy Flight Games – home of Edge of the Empire roleplaying game product page and community forum.
  • Wookiepedia, for everything Star Wars. Helps reference planets, moons, races and much more. Must have resource for all Star Wars roleplaying games.
  • Order 66 podcast – great podcast that covers many of the books and rules of all Star Wars rpgs from Fantasy Flight Games.
  • Campaign podcast – great actual play, may not get into the rules. Is very entertaining.

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