070 Star Wars Edge of the Empire Part 2

We pick up where we left off in episode 69 as we continue to talk about Star Wars Edge of the Empire roleplaying game by Fantasy Flight Games. Obligation, careers and specializations are just a couple more elements of EotE that we discuss. Of course there is listener feedback via Random Encounter as well as Die Roll.

Random Encounter

BS’ers comment on episode 69 – check out what they had to say about part 1 of our overview of Edge of the Empire.

Die Roll


  • Lords of Gossamer & Shadow RPG is on sale on Drivethru at time of this posting.
  • Randy Farmer shows off his papercraft tips on fold flat building method over on youtube


  • Sticking with the Star Wars Edge of the Empire theme, check out Fantasy Flight Games’ overview of the game on youtube.
  • Additional resources for EotE can be found on Reddit
  • What would the Internet be if there wasn’t a fan site/blog that outlined some decent resources for this roleplaying game? Check out Wave Your Geek Flag’s blog!

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