We invite Darcy and Troy from the Cypher Speak podcast to come on and educate us on, what else, the Cypher System rpg by Monte Cook games! How does it all work? What are the upsides of the system? There’s player facing die rolls, GM intrusions, cyphers and much more. Find more of about our guests on twitter, DarcyLRoss and TroyP232.



Forge Midwest is happening weekend of April 7-9, 2017.

International Tabletop Day is coming, April 29, 2017, let us know what you have planned.

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Email from Ace puts us in check.

Jame Carruthers provides feedback on our Clerics episode.

Josh comments from Facebook about getting players to new games and changing up our player series

Angela Murray wants an insane con posse.

Michael Drescher lets people know Sean is right!

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Cypher System RPG

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  • Cypher Speakpodcast dedicated to the Cypher System
  • Bloodlines & Black Magic by Stormbunny Studios is a modern, supernatural campaign setting designed to be forward compatible with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. It uses classes from The Advanced Class Guide and Occult Adventures, shaping them to fit a darker, modern world. Kickstarter happening now April 4th and wraps up April 15th.
  • From Matt Bohnhoff: Here’s a news article that has ALL the indications of an adventure. A lost civilization so ancient it has no name. A legend of a city abandoned after it was cursed. A flesh-eating parasite contacted by the archeologists who found it. What else might you players dig up in the City of the Monkey God?


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