186 Too Many Options in RPG’s


We’ve talked about limits in our games before, but I wanted to focus on this a bit further. I mean, it’s fine to say something like “limiting options is good” but is that all the time? Only during PC generation? How about during gameplay? Let’s discuss

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178 Immersion In Our Games


We actually define immersion, thanks dictionary! Then we go into what it means for our role-playing game, and some things you can do to be immersed.

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102 Gaming Away From The Table


With the recent Kickstarter from Monte Cook Games where Monte talks about addressing absentee members of the game group yet still facilitate a method of play. We figured we’d want to elaborate on this. Be it a forum where you discuss what your player character does during down-time, or it’s a real life letter from one player character to another, there’s ways to make this happen, but is it something we prefer?

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