105 PC Safe Zones


PC safe zones, inspired by Ed Nagy. He asks, “Do you allow your PCs somewhere where they can store items without fear, can heal and plot without worry?  When do you break that tacit agreement and have robbers hit them at home?”

We talk how we have encountered safe zones, either as a pc or game master. You can even implement them to propel the game into a general direction. Is there a hard rule for ransacking their place or is it sacred ground? Sean actually comes up with a good idea on how to put mechanics to how raids on the pc’s safe house!

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099 Screw the Rules


Screw the rules. We come across rules that we don’t use, but why do we overlook them. Aren’t they part of the roleplaying game? Maybe it’s a complicated rule that slows down play. Perhaps we have a better way of doing things. We discuss the rules we don’t use and why.

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