Screw the rules. We come across rules that we don’t use, but why do we overlook them. Aren’t they part of the roleplaying game? Maybe it’s a complicated rule that slows down play. Perhaps we have a better way of doing things. We discuss the rules we don’t use and why.


G&BS Social Hour at Gamehole, to be held Saturday, November 5th.

Evercon Special Guests! (Friday, Jan 6th and run through Sunday, Jan 8th)

  • Lloyd Metcalf
  • Tim Seeley
  • Kenneth Hite
  • David Megarry
  • MiB Drew Happli

Bonus BS will feature summaries from game masters that are running games for us at Gamehole Con.

Going to GenCon? Going to Misdirected Mark’s Play Better Games event. Make sure you grab a bingo card from Kevthuhlu

Last show before We’re going to give away some good stuff.

Random Encounter

Emails from Lyndon James Borley and Edwin Nagy.

Comments on G+ from John Steve, Brandon Barnes (, and Graham Meinert – telling us about the play-by-post site, rpol.

Azrael Arocha comments on Ep 97 and points out a Spanish-speaking rpg forum on Reddit.

Randy Farmer, Old School DM, expresses his thoughts on imprisoning player characters. Click here for his live play chapter.

Die Roll




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