Care and feeding as well as combat – how do we use mounts and vehicles in our role-playing games?


Random Encounter

John drops us a quick comment on Dragonlance

MRM1138 comments on Game Master Metagaming

Laramie ‘Brick’ Wall comments on a few episodes

Judge of House Brandon emails us a topic suggestion

Edwin of House Nagy writes in

Harrigan writes in about Not Prepared

Davy of House White brings up past episodes

Jared of House Rascher comments on Never Prepared

Jim of House Fitzpatrick on Not Prepared

Eric of House Salzwedel writes in about Suspending Belief

Carl of House Davis writes in about Dragonlance

Die Roll


  • Goddamn F*cking Dragons kickstarter a novel about terrible heroes by Christopher Grey. Wraps up August 19th, 2019
  • TV series Picard official trailer dropped 
  • Diana Jones Award 2019 shortlist announced
  • Purple Sorcerer Games website/app


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