122 Weather in Role-playing Games

Talking about weather in role-playing games. After all, we live in Wisconsin and every bit of small talk is about the weather. “Oooh, it’s cold outside.” or “Ufda, it sher is humid out.” Many times we gloss over the thing that can really have an impact on the characters, and it’s something they can rarely control – the weather! 


Brett tells us about his experience at Evercon.

Random Encounter

Voicemail from Goblins Henchmen

Cory Winn emails us about pc names

Crimfan comments about silly names

Die Roll

  • WotC offers insight into Eberron’s Artificer
  • Augmented Reality free PDF, Enhance your games of the dark future, with the easy to use Augmented Reality cyberpunk city kit. Inside, you’ll find over 50 tables designed to assist gamesmasters who need to improvise futuristic city details, or who have found that they are unprepared for where their players are heading.


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