121 What’s in a Player Character’s Name?

Peeneel Testiclees! Yes, we’re talking about what’s in a player character’s name in this episode. How do you handle those players that insist on have a player character with a goofy name? It could be as easy as saying, “seriously? you want to name your character Peeneel Testiclees? No.” Or, you could roll with it and make it something you handle within the game. What’s the goofiest name you’ve run into at the table?


Evercon is next week. We wish Brett the best of luck!

Brett’s no swear episode. Does he make it?

Random Encounter

Email from Chris Steele talking religion in rpg’s as well as creative spell casting.

Mark Tasaka writes in about his Dungeon Crawl Classics website. Be sure to check it out!

Michael Phillips writes in to talk about meta-gaming the combat and his gaming goals for 2017.

Die Roll




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