177 Adversarial GM’ing

177 Adversarial GM’ing

Like many topics we try to define it, adversarial game-mastering in your rpg, but you know how that goes.

Random Encounter

Crimfan comments on the site re: Sanity Check

BS’ers chime in on G+

Robert Nemeth’s Point campaign journal

Kyle Winter comments on facebook

Emails from James Carruthers, Ed Nagy, and Angela Murray

Die Roll



  • Listen to Dungeons & Dragons-themed Band, Gygax’s “The Lascivious Underdark” on The Nerdist website, authored by Benjamin Bailey
  • Wall Street Journal – Forget Monopoly: These Board Games Put You on the Front Lines of History‘Settlers of Catan’ paved the way out of Candy Land. Now a new strain of challenging games let you replay historic events like D-Day to the Cuban Missile Crisis


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