The new year, 2017, is upon us and this is the last show of the year. We talk about what we’d like to accomplish, as it pertains to role-playing games, for 2017. Whether it’s playing new games or GM’ing ones we haven’t received yet, we’re looking forward to some great things. We even share some of the goals our listeners have.


Evercon is just around the corner.

Random Encounter

Bruce Cunnington comments on our Race vs Class episode.

Voicemail from Goblins Henchmen

Die Roll



  • Sky Wars: Edge of the Kingdom RPG, fantasy-based rpg using the Star Wars rules by Fantasy Flight Games  Patron Wayne Humfleet mentioned as well as Azrael Arocha
  • has some decent free resources for your rpg to include Faction Tracking Sheets, On Traveling Encounter Generation, Camping and Travel Tracking Tool.
  • A treasure hunter found 3 tons of sunken gold – and can’t leave jail until he says where it is (washington post article)
  • D&D Online is under new management
  • Mike Shea conducted a survey of 5e D&D DM’s to help get a better understanding of how DM’s prepare for and run their D&D games. He shares the results.
  • Scholars fret about fate of ‘holy grail’ German abbey books…Since 1496, the former Benedictine abbey in Altomuenster has housed a female religious order founded by Saint Bridget in Sweden in the 14th century. It is one of three monasteries of the original branch of the scholarly, monastic order operating today. But with its numbers in decline, Sister Apollonia now lives there alone. The Vatican requires at least three nuns to train novices to become nuns, prompting the decision to shut the abbey down.
  • 2016 Mega List of games and goodies for (mostly) under $20 – from Ben Gerber

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