062 Horses, Hirelings & Living Gear in RPGs

Gear can play a unique role in your rpg. You’re equipped with a horse, to carry your stuff. You hire a pleeb to carry your loot, but how do you really handle these things in your rpg. Inspired by a question posed to The Dungeon Bastard at Gamehole Con 2015, we touch on the subject.

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Michael Phillips comments on our website ep 061. He also writes in on Ep 53 – Challenges Killing Player Characters in RPGs

Old School DM also chimes in on ep 53

Matthew O’Brien comments on our website Bonus BS 008 Chris Perkins.

Austin writes on G+ 

Joe Cwik poses a question on G+

Anthony von Dessauer on Facebook re: Ep 61 Dark and Gritty 

Die Roll

Brett sucks this week, he didn’t have a single die roll. #fail


  • Top 10 Movie Fight Scenes per CineFix 
  • DunMap Dungeon Map Stocker  Since you guys gave a nice mention of DunGen last summer, you might be interested in its new addition, DunMap. The random generation engine is shared, but the presentation is new. Instead of the graph, this one goes with drawn maps, which you can bring in by pasting in the image URL or use one of the provided ones. You click around where you want room numbers, and it generates contents as you go. They stay in place unlike the springy links in DunGen. With the basics in place on presentation, I’m back to work on adding to the random generation for both.
  • Paizo announced new Pathfinder Society play coordinator, Tonya Woldridge 

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