Latency in rpg combat occurs from time to time. Sure there are roleplaying games that have higher rates, or delays, in how combat is resolved. What causes this ‘latency’ we speak of? It could be that many players simply don’t know all the rules. Maybe there are too many rules to remember. How does a more tactical game, that often includes miniatures, handle latency? There are ways to mitigate latency in combat, which is something we talk about. It is also a two-way street. The GM has to be on their game and so do the players. How do you handle this in your game?


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Random Encounter

Roger Brasslett comments on episode 77 – Opposed Die Rolls and how a successful hit should not be taken away. While Matt Martinez talks about how they’re used in SUPERS!

Angela Murray emails us to mention how it’s good to open your mind to new games and why she like Apocalypse World games for bringing player characters together.

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