128 Player Series – Fighters

First installment of our Player Series, we’re talking about the Fighter. The fighter has a purpose, it’s to smash faces. We also provide some ideas on how to actually role-play the combat intensive fantasy class. It’s not all fun and games, they do have their weaknesses too!


We’ll be at GaryCon

Guests of Gamehole Con 2017 – (Pat Kilbane on Dead Games Society podcast)

Kickstarter for Brett’s Streets of Avalon is in the works

Random Encounter

Voicemail from Goblins Henchmen

Pure Mongrel updates us on getting experienced players to play a new game.

Veecee emails us about Dragons

Michael Parker poses a question on G+ (ViewScream by Raphael Chandler)

Charles White (author of Olympus Inc for Savage Worlds RPG) from Fabled Environments emails us 

Die Roll



  • Ray Otus comments on our Dragons episode, “Thanks for mentioning my dragons-as-hoarders idea. It’s going to be the theme of an upcoming issue of Plundergrounds, my Dungeon World/OSR zine. Folks can check out the first issue for free at my website, www.jellysaw.com, or at my Patreon (www.patreon.com/rayotus).”
  • Eli Kurtz has some insight into how he handles session zero. :cough: Larry Hollis :cough:


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