057 RPG Player to Game Master

From rpg player to game master, it can be a leap. How did we Brett and Sean start gaming? Was it running or playing rpg’s? Then how we got into game mastering and what made us do such a foolish thing.  Topic inspired by Jeff Rademaker, we share some of the things we learned and provide some advice on how to start strong. Be sure to play as many games as you can, giving you different tools and ideas. It doesn’t hurt to read articles on dungeon mastering and game mastering. And there’s the plethora of rpg podcasts out there, which are full of gaming advice goodness.


Happy Thanksgiving to our Canada friends.

Random Encounter

Chris Sneizak from Misdirected Mark podcast comments on our blog about episode 56 when we spoke about player control and the definition of agency.

Angela Murray, Matt Martinez and Victor Wyatt also had something to say on G+ about player agency. We field a voicemail from Joe.

Die Roll



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