We talk Savage Worlds RPG, and solicit some help from Kristian Serrano and Ron Blessing from the Savage Bloggers NetworkPublished by Pinnacle Entertainment Group, Savage Worlds’ motto is ‘Fast, Furious, and Fun’. We talk about what makes it fast, furious, and fun. Target number four, raises, wild die, bennies, wild cards and extras, and playing cards for initiatives are just some of the features of the popular rpg ruleset. There is even some interesting tidbits that many people may not know about the game or the publisher! Thanks Ron and Kristian!


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When offer up some corrections from episode 79 when we talked about Acrid Herald and Game School Podcast. 

Die Roll






  • Chris Shorb and his friends are putting together a con in October in the San Bernadino Mountains outside LA. Small intimate con, the whole weekend long, all food and lodging inclusive the price. Any pub you can give would be welcome. https://www.facebook.com/Pineconconvention

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Skill Check

We put Kristian and Ron on the spot and run them through Skill Check!

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