Are your players neutralizing your combat encounters in rpg’s quicker than you can say “save or die”? Well our friend Walt has just those players. But fear not, Walt! We’ll give you some tips on how to beef up a tactical encounter so it’s challenging for your players!


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Random Encounter

Feedback on episode 145 – Pregens vs Roll Your Own – Jared Rascher, Michael Parker, Karlen Kendrick, Matt Martinez, Gabe Dybing  and Stephen Dragonspawn all chime in.

Email from Michael Drescher how long to keep up the mystery?

Jared Lightle comments on Player Facing Die Rolls and his way of doing it in D&D 5e.

Die Roll



  • Damn the Man, Save the Music! Kickstarter. A roleplaying game about music, growing up, and dreaming big in a world that wants to make you small. 23 days to go after this show drops on June 27, 2017. Thanks Evan Rowland for letting us know.
  • The Graveyards of Lovecraft Country: A Preview a project by Bret Kramer



  • Matt Snow lets us know about Transport Canada recalling 2017 models of AT-AT’s
  • Jim Fitzpatrick has an article on Medium How to put those punk-ass adventurers in their place. To further help out Walt.

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