180 Adversarial Players in RPG’s

After we talked about Adversarial GMing Andy Hall asked us to chat about Adversarial Players. This may be just as hard to define as Adversarial GMing, but let’s see what we can do with this. Lets talk about adversarial players in rpg’s.

Random Encounter

Emails from Matt Seiberlich, Vece Young and Abram Nothnagle.

Mirko Froehlich comments on G+

Die Roll




  • Plastic bubbles from toy vending machines make great slimes or shields. Thanks @theSheDM


  • SlyFlourish, aka Mike Shea, lists some random tables to generate 400,000 unique fantastic monuments on Twitter. Be sure to check out Mike’s Return of the Lazy Dungeon Master kickstarter, ending Friday March 9th, 2018.



  • Chris Shorb points out a pretty kick ass ttrpg accessory. The Game Master System by Dog Might, kickstarting will be over, Feb 27, 2018. Maybe you can buy one after the fact.


  • Avi Waksberg lets us know about Vagabonds of Dyfed by Sigil Stone Publishing. Kickstarting now until March 8, 2018. OSR meets PbtA rpg.

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