149 Lapse Between Game Sessions

More commentary on this one. Some of us have consistent weekly games and some of us play with a group every few months. We share our experiences with how frequent we play.


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Random Encounter

Unveiling the Mystery

Crimfan writes

Peter Skanes offers up a helpful blog run by Justin Alexander

Mass Combat

Christopher Grey emails and calls BS

Timothy Stone continues on Mass Combat on G+

Josh Andersen from Facebook comments

Edwin Nagy emails about pregens vs Zip Zap’ng your character

Die Roll





  • Kevin Lovecraft points us to the Complete Audiobook collection of every HP Lovecraft story. He also posts about a rare spellbook manuscript detailing how witchcraft was done in the 17th century, but you’ll need to know how to translate it.
  • Eli Kurtz puts out a Micro RPG based on his 2017 200-Word RPG Challenge. You are the master of a clan of ninja, sworn to enmity against a rival clan since ancient times. Upon fields of battle strewn with caltrops, you have clashed countless times over the centuries. Only the gods and the kami have served as witnesses to your secret war. Finally, the end draws near. When the dust settles, only one ninja master will remain. Caltrops!
  • Shane Freeman supplies us with 6 Ways to Use a Lost Family in Ravenloft by Matthew Barrett
  • Jared Rasher called out that Schwalb Entertainment posts a list of where you can find spells, paths, ancestries, and monsters on their website from time to time when new products come out for Shadow of the Demon Lord
  • Bruce Cunnington points us to 2500 year old chinese sword that still looks and cuts like new. By Stephanie Chang

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