Mystery, or the unknown, is a good trope to incorporate into your RPG. But, how far do you go before the players hit a brick wall of frustration and don’t know what to do or what path to pursue? Inspired by an email to us from Michael Drescher, we take a stab at providing some advice.


Event submission is still open for Gamehole Con

Game under Gaming & BS at Gamehole include…

  • Jason Hobbs/Friends of the OSR – BX D&D
  • Chris Sniezak – Dungeonworld  – amazon/drivethru
  • Michael Drescher – FATE Accelerated
  • Forrest Aguirre – Dungeon Crawl Classics
  • Cory Winn – D&D 5e
  • Vece Young – 6-6 System
  • Brett – World of Darkness & D&D 5e
  • Sean – Savage Worlds
  • Jason R – Achtung Cthulhu & Dungeon Crawl Classics
  • Erik Farmer – Apocalypse World & Dogs in Hats Solving Crimes
  • Kevin Lovecraft – Call of Cthulhu
  • David Baity – Dark Trails
  • Eli Kurtz – Savage Worlds

Brett’s Avalon rpg setting kickstarter is coming!

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Random Encounter

Comments on Mass Combat from Angela Murray, Wayne Dryden, and those on G+ from Jared Rascher Gabe Dybing and Karlen Kendrick.

Voice mail from Chris Shorb about skills and pregens.

Die Roll




  • Mark Tasaka let us know about his Dungeon Crawl Classics randomly generated zero-level funnel, titled the ‘King’s Challenge’. Launch page. King’s Challenge adventure. The dungeon map, room descriptions, encounters, treasure, etc. are randomly generated, creating an unique play experience each time the character funnel is run; making it a great funnel for store demo games, convention games, etc.
  • Michael Parker points out the DCC scratch off character sheets kickstarter, ends July 25th, 2017. It is funded!
  • Eli Kurtz shares behind the scenes info about his The Blackwood kickstarter
  • Jared Rascher suggests a book series by Paul S. Kemp

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