140 Player Series – Thieves & Rogues

We talk about playing thieves and rogues. Be it sneaky sneak thieves, trap detector and disabler, swashbuckler Robin Hood Musketeer type or even scoundrels, it’s all about the sinister class of the thief. Or shall we say rogue?


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Random Encounter

Dan Domme and Mike Bolan email us about Building Things in RPG’s

Chris Lange poses a question about World of Darkness

Ron Blessing comments on Torgo the White on alignment

Finnulf emails us about skills, or shall we say Traveller?

Blake Ryan gives puts us on notice for our main topic.

Die Roll


  • Matt Bohnhoff launches his first game, Lucha Liga
  • Wayne Visionary Comms, There are diseases hidden in ice, and they’re waking up, article on BBC
  • Kevin Lovecraft posts spell names designed by neural network
  • Azrael Arocha shares a youtube playlist of Free instrumental music from a Spanish  speaking composer for your gaming tables!!!
  • New project from Charles White from Fabled Environments and Yellow Piece Games comes Buccaneer: Through Hell and High Water. Setting for Savage Worlds. Kickstarter starts the day this dropped May 16, 2017
  • Blackwood KS by Eli Kurtz

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