Counting coup in rpgs, it stems from an old tradition of the Native Americans. In roleplaying games it can be considered a different way to handle combat. It doesn’t always have to be ‘to the death’! What if a nonplayer character needs the party to do some bidding, yet they still need to convey their superiority to the not-so-humble player characters. Perhaps a duel is in order, but points are used. And there’s something to be said if a character in your rpg has inflicted multiple scars to that one nemesis in a way that bestows humiliation and dishonor upon that foe. How would you consider using counting coup to spice up your rpg combat encounters?


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Karl Keesler points out on Google+ a Western/Wild West RPG that we should consider.

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Hawk Sparrow points us to 10 strange but fun village festivals

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